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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I-5 closed NB at Exit 21

Massive traffic snarls at Exit 21 and Dike Rd NB on I-5.  Green Mountain Rd is NOT a viable option for a detour.


Dineen Hinsa said...

I was stuck in this snarl last night for several hours. Is there a way to post a sign earlier on I-5 that notes Green Mountain is NOT available to through traffic? It seems 80% of the cars in front of me were turned away from using Green Mountain. It would also reduce frustration for drivers who attempt this detour and wait for hours, only to be turned away. Tension was HIGH among drivers last night.

Anonymous said...

18 wheelers should have been turned away in Vancouver, not Woodland.Last night was a chaotic cluster ....If there was any management going on at all it should have started in Vancouver.It dismays me that all of those people made it to Woodland.How for-thoughtful!