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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Commissioner's Office Allows Free Waste Disposal For Those Affected by Flooding

The Board of Cowlitz County Commissioners has agreed to provide vouchers for free disposal of waste, storm debris and demolition/reconstruction material generated as a result of the storm event of December 8th, 2015.

This voucher will be retroactive to the 8th of December.  Residents can fill out a card at the three locations listed below and take the voucher to Waste Control.  For those who disposed of storm-related waste prior to today, you can be reimbursed by providing a receipt from Waste Control and filling out the card provided at any of the three locations listed. 

As per usual requirements, Waste Control will check ID to verify residency.  If you have questions about this program please call the Commissioner’s office at 577-3020.

Cowlitz County Public Works:  1600 13th Avenue, Kelso, WA

Cowlitz County Assessor’s Office: 207 N. 4th Avenue, Kelso, WA, 2nd Floor

Cowlitz County Building and Planning Office:  207 N. 4th Avenue, Kelso, WA 1st Floor

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