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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Safe Driving Tips

Press Release from Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office:

Are you planning to take a road trip during the holidays? Here are some safe driving tips from local law enforcement and the Cowlitz County Traffic Safety Task Force:

1. Plan your trip ahead of time and have an alternate route, just in case there are road closures or bad weather.

2. Check traffic and weather reports before you leave. Allow plenty of time so that you do not feel rushed and can take plenty of breaks.

3. Wear your seatbelt and make sure your children are in their proper child car seats, booster seats, or seatbelts and that they ride in the back seat.

4. Make sure you have extra blankets, coats, boots, and an Emergency Disaster Kit. This should be filled with the necessities such as: food, water, flashlights, batteries, candles, matches, a first aid kit, road flares, etc.

5. Don't drive under the influence of anything—drugs or alcohol.

6. Make sure that, if you have to use a cell phone while driving, you do it legally.

7. Take your car into an automotive shop and have your tires, fluids, and engine checked one week before your trip.

8. If you have children, make sure they have games and toys to keep themselves occupied so that you can concentrate on your driving.

9. Have another licensed and insured driver with you so that you can take turns at the wheel.

10. Make sure you have tire chains, de-icer, and a shovel in case of unexpected snow or ice.

SAFE KIDS Lower Columbia will be sponsoring a FREE car seat clinic on November 20 at the Castle Rock Fire Station starting at 10am. Please stop by if you have children and get your seat checked out. It's a free service—be safe instead of sorry. Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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Clint Moore said...

A driver has responsibilities on the road, for his passengers, pedestrians and even his fellow drivers. It's true that having your car checked is important before driving it. After all, you don't want any malfunctions to put your life in danger, right?