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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brrr - Are You Ready?

The National Weather Service Portland is forecasting a cold week with the potential for *snow* in the valley. Here it is in their own words:

... The coldest weather of the season is expected late this week into early next week in the interior valleys of southwest Washington and northwest Oregon and in the western Columbia River gorge...

A complex and cold low pressure system will linger near the coast through the weekend. This system will bring the coldest air of the season to the interior valleys and the western Columbia River gorge.

Snowfall will generally be limited to areas above 1000 to 1500 feet through the weekend. However... areas in the Columbia River gorge could see snow levels fall to near the surface. The snow level may also briefly fall to below 1000 feet anywhere in northwest Oregon and southwest Washington in the vicinity of heavier showers.

More significant cold air may filter into southwest Washington and northwest Oregon late in the weekend and into early next week. If this cold Arctic air materializes... it will bring the coldest air of the season to the area... with low temperatures possibly falling into at least the 20s in the valleys. If any moisture is available... this could also bring snow to the valley floors by early next week. While a lot of details are still up in the air... now would be a good time to make preparations for a significant cold snap by protecting tender plants... wrapping outdoor faucets... and covering foundation vents.

Later this afternoon, DEM will be attending a weather briefing with NWS-Portland. Any updates or changes to this information will be provided after that meeting. Be prepared and stay warm!

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