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Monday, January 23, 2012

Weather Update

The Weather Service just held a briefing about the heavy rain storm forecasted for tomorrow and Wednesday. The presentation is attached. Here’s a summary:

• A rainy weather system will come onshore tomorrow morning bringing heavy precipitation to the area on Tuesday and Wednesday.
• The focus of the rain will initially be Northwest OR / Southwest WA, starting tomorrow morning. It will move south throughout the day.
• This event will not be as severe in duration or focus as the rain storm last Wednesday and Thursday. They forecast .75 – 1.5” of rain in the inland valleys, with another .5 – 1.0” Wednesday into Thursday.
• At this point, no rivers in Cowlitz County are expected to flood. The primary rivers of concern are Coastal/Coast Range rivers, Willamette tributaries, and the mainstem Willamette.
• It is possible that the storm may stall at some point tomorrow, but there is no way to know where. If that happens, the unfortunate recipient could receive a significant amount of rain in a very short time.
• The Columbia River Gorge (for any travelers) is definitely a place to avoid. Snow, freezing rain and wind are in store for Cascade Locks east.

We will monitor this storm event and update you if there are substantial changes to the forecast.

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