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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Looking Ahead....

Latest from NWS regarding later this week:

Heavy precipitation later this week may bring rapid rises to rivers and streams in NW Oregon and SW Washington. Beginning late Wednesday, a parade of relatively warm and very wet weather systems will move into the Pacific NW that will cause significant rises on area rivers and streams later this week. These weather systems will bring periods of moderate to heavy rainfall. The rainfall will be augmented by melting snow that fell at lower elevations the past couple days.

Models are consistent in aiming several inches of precipitation towards SW Washington and NW Oregon bringing 2-4 inches to the area Wednesday with additional rainfall later in the week.

This is a situation that bears watching. Those living near rivers or streams should remain alert and keep an eye on the weather and river forecasts.

So, that's directly from the National Weather Service. I like how they throw in that Wednesday will bring a "parade" of bad weather. Worst.Parade.Ever. Also, note that they said "this is a situation that bears watching", not "this is a situation that bears are watching," as I first thought upon my initial reading. While, indeed, bears are watching, we cannot trust them to forecast weather during this time a year...too drowsy and all that.

Anyway, stay alert and keep your eyes on the weather. And watch out for bears posing as meteorologists.

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