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Monday, September 26, 2011

Are You Ready for a Power Outage?

Yep, look out the window. It's that time of year again! Here are a few tips to get your family ready for blustery weather:

* Create a kit that contains flashlights with extra batteries and a battery-powdered radio. It is important that you know where your kit is and can easily find it in the dark. Just for kicks, you should blindfold family members and see if they can find the kit and successfully get out the flashlight. For even more fun get out the stopwatch and make it a competition!

* Cordless phones do not work without electricity, so have a corded phone on hand also.

* Know how to open your electric garage door when the power is out.

If the power goes out:

* Unplug electronics like computers, TV, microwave and don't turn them on again until lights have returned to normal brightness.

* Turn down thermostats and turn off the water heater circuit breaker to help reduce initial electric demand when power is restored.

* Do not open refrigerators or freezers.

* If you use a generator, follow the manufacturer's instructions. Place it outside for proper ventilation while running. Only use barbecues or propane heaters outside.

* Leave a porch light switched on, as well as a light inside your home. That will let PUD repair crews know when service is restored.

* Report power outages to (360) 423-2210 or (800) 631-1131.

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