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Monday, February 14, 2011

Don't Be Out of the Loop!

Did you NOT know about this morning's earthquake? Were you the last to know Darth Vader was Luke's father? Were you the last one picked at dodgeball? Well, don't be left out in the dark anymore. If you were following us on Twitter you would have been notified within minutes! If you are a member of the Twitter Nation, you can find us by typing @CowlitzDEM. If you are not a member and have no desire to be, you can still look at any updates by clicking here or typing in Better yet, you can get Twitter messages sent directly to your cell phone! Simply text Follow CowlitzDEM in the body of the text and send it to 40404. You will then receive any alerts that are sent out from our office via Twitter. It will be received on your phone as an incoming text. We are careful to only send out important emergency information, so we will not inundate your inbox with our daily goings-on or what we ate for lunch (which was, by the way, a Lean-Cuisine pizza. I'd say the "cuisine" label is a bit of an overstatement). Anyway, should you tire of our information, just text Unfollow CowlitzDEM to 40404. We can't guarantee that you will be picked first at dodgeball, but at least you'll have current emergency information to talk about while you're waiting.

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