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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cold Weather Update

Obviously the groundhog was wrong because the weather we are experiencing is less than spring-like. See the update below from the Portland National Weather Service--our premier prognosticators of potential precipitation.

The Pacific Northwest remains under the influence of a very cold trough of low pressure that will continue to spread bands of rain and snow showers across the area through early Friday.
On Thursday, February 17, vertical temperature profiles from various models indicate the column of air will be cold enough in the morning hours to support snow to the valley floor.

Any bands of moisture rotating across the region will likely produce snowfall, which may accumulate in some locations. One of the high resolution weather models indicate a narrow, but fairly strong band of precipitation will rotate over the area early Thursday morning which may produce a few inches of snow. At this point in time, model forecasts indicate this band of moisture will move over the north Oregon Coast Range and Willapa Hills into the lower Columbia Region affecting parts of Tillamook, Clatsop, Columbia, Washington, Wahkiakum, Clark and Cowlitz counties and perhaps western Multnomah County. Confidence is not high on the location of this band of moisture as it could move several miles west or east of this area.
Some details are listed below:

• Low elevation rain and snow showers will continue through the remainder of Wednesday over northwest Oregon and southwest Washington. Snow may briefly fall to the valley floor in heavier showers.
• On Thursday morning, the atmosphere will be cold enough to support snow to the valley floor. Any precipitation falling over the region will likely fall as snow, although moisture availability will become limited over many areas as the day progresses. There is potential for a strong band of precipitation to move over the North Coast Range and Willapa Hills into the lower Columbia Region on Thursday morning, which may produce a few inches of snow accumulation.
Please monitor the weather forecast closely over the next 24 to 36 hours for an advisories or statements regarding this storm. You can visit our web page at for more information.

So, in summary, it might snow Thursday morning. Please adjust accordingly.

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