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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cold Weather Shelter

With the temperatures dropping into the 20’s during this Thanksgiving holiday week, Love Overwhelming is thankful to announce that they will be supporting Shekinah Christian Center to offer a cold weather shelter.
Beginning Wednesday, 11.25.2015, Shekinah Christian Center (1015 3rd Ave. Longview, WA) will open their doors and provide a cold weather shelter from 8pm – 8am on nights when it is predicted to be 33*F or colder. Anyone interested in volunteering at the cold weather shelter or donating blankets, food, coffee, cold weather items, etc… can make arrangements by contacting the cold weather shelter coordinator, Caleb Luther, at:
360.749.8056 ext. 101
Chuck Hendrickson
Executive Director
Love Overwhelming
360.749.8056 ext. 110

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