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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Power Outage Prep Checklist

We've had some windy days and nights lately!  Here is a checklist from FEMA to be ready for a power outage:

__  Locate and label utility shutoff.

__ Post instructions next to fuse box or circuit breaker.

__ Are there enough flashlights on hand?  At least one for each person in the house?  Are the batteries working?  (Tip:  Store batteries in the refrigerator for longer life).

__ Do not use candles, they are a fire hazard.

__ Keep ready-to-eat meals on hand that do not require cooking or cooling.

__ Freeze water in plastic water bottles or old milk containers, leaving about an inch at the top for frozen water to expand.  When placed in a refrigerator and freezer, they will keep food cold for several hours.

__Know where to get dry ice to keep food cold as necessary.

__ Are there cordless phones that need electricity?  If so, use a standard, corded telephone or cell phone as an alternative.

__ Make sure you have a battery-operated radio to get updates on information, shelters, etc.

__ Is there an alternate heating source?  Make sure it is properly vented and in good working order.  Make sure all chimneys are clean and all flues are operational.  Do you have enough wood, pellets, or heating fuel?

__ If heating system involves an electronic ignition or fan, know who to call for service/restarting assistance. 

__ If there is an electric garage door opener, where is the manual release?  Post instructions on how to use it and practice with your family.

__When possible, keep car gas tanks at least half full.  Gas stations need electricity to power the pumps. 

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