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Thursday, February 6, 2014

More timely advice from Longview Police

Police remind drivers to not leave vehicles unattended while warming them up in cold weather

Longview Police Department is issuing another reminder for drivers to not leave their vehicles unattended when warming them up during freezing temperatures.

In mid-December, police responded to three reports of vehicles being stolen on the same day when people left the engines running and then left their vehicles unattended for a few minutes.

“With this week’s below freezing temperatures, it’s tempting to start your vehicle and let it warm up while you’re inside your home away from the cold,” said LPD community service officer Cindy Lopez Werth. “But doing that increases the chances your vehicle will be stolen”

Werth said she has heard some people say that they turn on their engines, then lock their vehicles and take their spare key inside their homes. “Some people think that locking their vehicles with the engine running is smart, but a determined thief will not hesitate to bust out a window to steal a car,” she said.

If a vehicle is stolen, the victim should have the license plate number and description available when calling police. If one cannot remember the license plate number, check vehicle insurance paperwork. If it doesn’t have the license plate number, look for the vehicle identification number (VIN). The police dispatcher can determine the license plate number based on the VIN.

The non-emergency dispatch number, which operates 24-7, is 577-3098. Call 911 for emergencies and in progress crimes.


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