The only difference between adventure and disaster is preparedness.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Countdown

Stumped for stocking stuffers? Perplexed for presents? Glassy-eyed for gifts? Flummoxed on favors? Amazed by alliteration? Give the gift of preparedness! Here are a few of my favorite sites to get some great gifts: (a great local company out of Vancouver, WA) (another local company out of Kirkland, WA)

You can also get some very useful safety supplies here in town at Bob's at 1111 Hudson in Longview. If you really want to support the local economy, check out the camping supply section there. Pick up a handy flashlight or some freeze-dried food. How about a roadside safety kit for your mom?

Any dummy can give a Starbucks giftcard, but a really awesome person gives the gift of preparedness! (However, if you DID want to leave a Starbucks giftcard on my desk, I wouldn't mind).

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