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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Unseasonable Cold

Unseasonably cold low temperatures for the next few nights.

 A cold and dry air mass will settle over the region for the next few days. Very cold sub-freezing overnight temperatures are expected the next several nights. Temperatures may approach or break record lows for the date. Low temperatures in the urban centers will likely fall below freezing each night and have the potential to fall deep into the 20s. Outside the urban centers, low temperatures will approach 20 degrees each night. Daytime temperatures in warmest areas will struggle to reach much above 40 degrees.

PRIMARY AREAS IMPACTED: Valley locations will see the coldest temperatures and near record values, particularly in outlying areas nearer the Cascades. Locations off the valley floor and closer to the coast will not be quite as cold but still near record values.

TIMING: Tonight through at least Saturday morning. Cold conditions may continue into early next week. Clear evening skies will allow temperatures to rapidly drop. Overnight inversions will make for slow rises during the day.

FORECAST CONFIDENCE: High confidence that temperatures well below freezing will occur across a widespread area.

UNCERTAINITIES: Specific temperatures values are somewhat in question given the unusual early-season timing. Temperatures have potential to be colder than forecasted. Tonight’s temperatures will serve as a benchmark for the next several nights.

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