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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Road Trip!

From ESD 112 Risk Management Matters Spring Newsletter

If your summer travel plans include a road trip, be sure to prepare by informing family members and others about your travel destination, intended route and timetable.  In addition, drivers should prepare themselves for possible vehicle breakdowns by carrying a cell phone and equipping their vehicle with an emergency kit.

Emergency Kits Should Include:

* Flashlight with extra batteries
*Reflective triangles, warning lights or road flares
*First aid kit
*Non-perishable, high-energy foods
*Jumper cables
*Compass or GPS navigation system
*Fire extinguisher
*Spare fuses
*$20 in small bills and change
*Gloves and clean rags
*Jack and lug wrench
*Foam tire sealant or portable compressor and plug kit
*Basic tools
*Pen and pad of paper
*Auto club or roadside assistance phone number

It's also important to make periodic checks on the equipment to ensure that it is in working order--that the spare tire is properly inflated, batteries are not dead, fire-aid supplies are current, water is fresh and food is dry.  In addition, be familiar with how each tool works, from the cell phone to the jack, before you need it in an emergency.

Being prepared with a basic emergency kit can increase your safety, reduce stress and help get you back on the road faster.

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