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Monday, June 24, 2013

How to Talk to Your Kids About Severe Weather

Do you have kiddos that are afraid of thunder or worry about blizzards?  I do.  Even if we don't get massive tornadoes or hurricanes in these parts, kids will often see the aftermath of the devastation in the news or on the internet. has some great resources for talking to your kids about severe weather and other disasters.  Check them out here:

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Annie Barate said...

Preparing with children can be an even harder task because they may not always understand what is happening and will most likely be very scared of these disasters. Knowing how to talk to your child about weather disasters is important for calming the child down. A screaming and confused child is just another thing to worry about and deal with when there may be other important things that need to be done from boarding up windows to getting everybody and everything you need into a basement.