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Monday, April 15, 2013


Just a few observations following the horrific incidents at today's Boston Marathon:
*  Make sure you and your family members know how to text.  I spoke to a woman today whose daughter was a participant in the marathon and finished shortly before the explosions went off.  She was not able to get a call out to tell her family she was safe, but she was able to text for a brief time.  Texts and voice calls are routed differently.  Texts can often get through when voice calls cannot.

*  There has been talk that authorities had cell towers shut off so that there was a lessened chance of remote detonation, but that has not been confirmed.  Most of us use our cellphone as a lifeline to our families, to the internet and to the rest of the world.  Be aware of the fact that you might not be able to use your phone directly after a large-scale incident and you might have to get creative to contact family. 

* While this atrocity is fresh in your mind, while you are still angry and confused, use this time to sign up for a first aid/CPR class, learn more about preparedness and channel your anger into something productive and useful. 

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