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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Won't You Subscribe?

Following the great article by the Daily News about our little blog, we've had a bump in blog subscribers, which is fantastic! However, make sure you've followed all of the directions so that you actually receive blog posts. If you have recently subscribed and have not received an email with the days blog posts by 4:00 p.m., make sure you've followed the directions that were contained in the email you should have received from Feed Burner. The email should read as follows:

Hello there,

You recently requested an email subscription to Cowlitz County Sheriff Emergency Management. We can't wait to send the updates you want via email, so please click the following link to activate your subscription immediately: So, then you need to click the link they gave you to actually activate the subscription and get the email. Got it? Great.

As a special gift for our new readers, I will dust off my Subscribe song. If you're not yet a subscriber, you should consider it. Maybe this little ditty set to the tune of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive," will seal the deal:


First I was afraid,
I was petrified.

Thinking I could never remember to check the blog
without a guide.

But I spent so many nights
Wondering how I could be so wrong

And I grew strong
And I learned I didn't even have to log on

No, no not I
I'll just subscribe

As long as I know how to type
I know I'll stay online

I've got to know which roads are closed
I've got to know the latest tips

I will subscribe
I will subscribe

Hey HEY!

......Or maybe you think we're all idiots here and this just confirmed it....

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