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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Celebrate National Digital Learning Day

February 6th is National Digital Learning Day.  Who Knew?  So in honor of this why not take some time to do some digital learning of your own?  Here is a small sampling of some great disaster preparedness themed learning you can take advantage of for FREE from the Federal Emergency Management Agency:

1.  Are You Ready?  An In-Depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness: (you'll get to find out if you are ready and, if not, how to be ready, plus you get a certificate at the end to show off to your friends)

2.  Social Media in Emergency Management: (Pshaw to Social Media you say? What is Social Media you say? Guess what, if you're reading this you're already participating. How about learning even more?)

3.  Workplace Violence Awareness Training: (Do you work with other humans?  Are they sometimes unpredictable? Do you work so close to another human that you can smell their broccoli casserole every Tuesday? This class is a great resource.)

4. Protecting Your Home or Small Business From Disaster: (Do you own a home or a small business?  This one is a must.)

5.  Active Shooter, What You Can Do: (relevant much?)

This is just a few ideas for free classes you can take right from the comforting glow of your own computer monitor.  This is a better use of your computer time than playing Farmville, I promise!

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