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Monday, October 31, 2011

Zombie Preparedness Tips

It's Halloween! What better way to say Happy Halloween than to unveil our Zombie Preparedness Tips. Please, won't you share these with your loved ones so they, too, will be prepared when the zombies invade? Although, if you don't share these tips, that ups your chances of survival doesn't it? Hmm...a Halloween moral quandary...

So, how can you best prepare yourself and your family to survive the inevitable zombie invasion? Here are recommended items to include in a basic zombie prep kit:

WATER: Did you know that zombies HATE water? Well, they do. It’s best to store at least one gallon of water per person, per day for at least three days.
FOOD: It’s not safe to roam the streets in search of Big Macs or Mocha-chip Frappacinos during a zombie invasion. Make sure you have enough food on hand (that can be prepared without electricity) to feed your family for at least three days.
LIGHT: Zombies are creatures of the night, hence, they have a great disdain for light. Have plenty of battery-powered flashlights and extra batteries on hand. It’s also a great idea to have an LED headlamp to keep your hands free to protect your brains, if needed.
FIRST AID KIT: Have a comprehensive first aid kit and guide to basic first aid procedures. Be sure to treat any zombie bites with antibacterial gel immediately….before it’s too late.
WHISTLE: This is a great way to signal for help. Also, zombie ears cannot handle the pitch of a whistle and will stay far away.
DUST MASK: Zombies smell positively putrid, this should help with the stench as well as being useful against airborne contagions, chemicals or volcanic ash.
HYGIENE SUPPLIES: towelettes or baby wipes, garbage bags, hand sanitizer and feminine hygiene supplies. Zombies hate cleanliness and sanitary conditions.
TOOLS: Leatherman tool, wrench, foldable shovel, ax….you know why.
LOCAL MAPS: If you have to exit your zombie-occupied neighborhood in a hurry, it might be nice to know alternate ways around known infestation areas. Also, learn how to read a map. Consider purchasing a compass. Also, consider learning how to use a compass, if you don’t already know.

Prescription medications, glasses, diapers, pet food, cash...anything specific to you and your family that you might need if you had to evacuate quickly or be stuck in your home for an untold amount of time.

Our recommendation is to have two kits. One “STUCK AT HOME” Kit and one “GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE” Kit. The “stuck at home kit” should have plenty of items to keep your family comfortable and safe to stay in your home for a minimum of three days, perhaps without electricity.

The “gotta go” kit should be in a backpack, easily portable and have supplies that you would need to be comfortable and safe away from home. A “gotta go” kit is perfect for keeping in the car. Most people are never far from their vehicle and, in the case of sudden zombie occupation, you can get up and go with your gear already packed. Refuse to be a tasty zombie-snack—get yourself ready TODAY!

But how will I know if the zombies have come?

There are several ways to get emergency information.
* Listen to local radio stations for emergency updates.
* Watch Portland news stations.
* Read The Daily News or check it out free online at
* Subscribe to our blog at
* Follow us on Twitter: @CowlitzDEM and @CowlitzDEMChat
* Be our fan on Facebook to get updates on your page:
* Sign up for emergency text alerts by texting Follow CowlitzDEM to the number 40404.
* Register your cell phone to receive emergency messages from our ECNS system by visiting our website at

But seriously, Cowlitz County Emergency Management encourages citizens to be prepared for any emergency event--whether it is zombies or the more likely severe winter storm, flood, chemical spill, technological interruption or earthquake. It’s a good idea for everyone to be ready for whatever disaster or emergency comes our way!

There’s one foolproof weapon that will always defeat zombies. Be sure to keep it sharp!! What is it? Your brain of course!


Anonymous said...

what would be really helpful is if ccem could hunt down the results of the radiation levels for Washington state for the last 9 months. I know Seattle was going to do drive by test levels but haven't heard the results and Canada's levels were really high.

Cowlitz County DEM said...
This is the best I can come up with.