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Friday, October 21, 2011

More Great Ideas

Well, it looks like my previous post brought out all the readers with great ideas! Here are tips from our lovely readers:

Purchase head lamps. You can get them at Home Depot - 3 to a pack. They are inexpensive and worth it. They strap on your head like a head band. Elastic. If you have to go anywhere in the dark, it frees your hands up to carry things or keep balance, and every where you look, you get light! The Home Depot head lamps also have a flashing light option on them. You can turn that on, if you need someone to locate you in the dark! I thought these were my greatest find!

For the house, I swear by Lamp Oil lamps. I have 6! One for every room and plenty of lamp oil for them. They burn nicely and bright as needed.

Here's another: These solar powered side walk lights that people get at WalMart, etc., to place along their sidewalks or driveways for a little light at night make great flash lights in an emergency.

Great and practical ideas! If you have a great idea that you've used in your emergency preparations--feel free to send us an email at

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