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Monday, January 7, 2013

Surviving an Active Shooter

It seems like every time we turn on the news, there is another random act of violence somewhere in the world. Whether unprovoked mass shootings are a new reality or not—we need to proactively respond to it in a smart way. We’ve all been taught to park in well-lit areas, be aware of our surroundings and have keys ready for quick entry in the car and this behavior for most of us has become routine.

We must develop a similar automatic response mechanism if we hear shots fired. Training is the best way to make this happen. There are a number of good videos like the one above from the City of Houston's Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security. Here is a link to another:  There is even a free online FEMA training course to familiarize yourself with a variety of response scenarios.

Be alert, be aware and know what to do!

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sceptreofjudah said...

Been there, done that. Back in the early 70's I was shot by a serial killer whose method of operation was to drive on the freeway at night, pull up next to a motorcyclist, and shoot him through the rolled-down passenger window. He was an "Easy Rider" copycat. He hit me in the left side, missing the heart by 1/4 inch but penetrating both lungs, liver, spleen, and dudenum. I was going to school on the GI Bill and was heading on the freeway late on a Friday night to visit my grandparents for the weekend.

I turned my motorcycle around and started going the wrong way on the freeway to attract attention. He turned around and followed me. I had difficulty shifting from 1st to second so I ditched my bike and started walking across the grassy meridian to get away. He pulled up and shone his headlights on me and ordered me at gunpoint to come back or he would kill me.

When I came back he made me hand over my wallet then ordered me to get in the back seat. What a defenseless feeling, I knew he was going to at least kill me and dump my body somewhere. If only I had a handgun to protect myself! (Many of my older relatives carried hand guns when taking trips, but I believed the lie it was uncool to do so.) But then a semi-truck came at us and scared him away. Thank the Lord Jesus Christ!

The only good answer to an active shooter criminal is an armed populace. I carry heat now adays. Don't believe the lie of gun control.

One of my relatives who packed heat regularly was my grandpa, a school principle. Back in his day, he carred a .32 pistol to work just in case.