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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Apocalypse Chow

Check out my cool new book!  I got it used from Amazon, click here for the link. (If the picture doesn't show up, click on the link)  The first part is all about preparedness, food and water storage and safety tips and the rest of the book consists of fantastic recipes, all that can be cooked when the electricity is out!  The book was written by a chef and cookbook writer who, when faced with power outages decided that there had to be something better to eat than SPAM and crackers. 

The authors cover what foods to stock, different ways to cook without electricity and even a 5 day meal plan that sounds much more appetizing than canned meat and granola bars.  How about some corn chowder?  Chili? Couscous salad? How about a chicken tortilla casserole? 

I'll share some of their shopping tips and recipes throughout the week. 

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