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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ready for Rain?

Remember that wet stuff that used to constantly fall from the sky?  Yeah, it's coming back.  We had a glorious late summer and early fall, but now it's time to get back to our Pacific Northwest reality.  The Portland National Weather Service has this to say: 

Significant weather change expected Friday and into the weekend.  Rain will return to SW Washington and NW Oregon Friday as the first in a series of fall fronts moves into the region.  The first frontal system will give light amounts of rain to the area with rain continuing at times on Saturday. 

A subtropical moisture connection will feed additional moisture across Western Washington and Oregon Sunday and Monday.  It is likely that the Pacific Northwest will see heavy rain from these systems.  However, many of the details are uncertain at this time.  The snow level will remain above all but the highest mountain peaks.
Heavy rain is most likely in Western Washington and not as likely farther south in Oregon.  There is a possibility that rainfall totals for Friday through Monday could reach as high as 5-8 inches in the south Washington Cascades and North Oregon Coast Range with around 2 inches in the valleys.  If the jet stream is a little farther north, rainfall will be much less.

So, it's probably going to rain.  Time to dust off the coat and find the umbrella.

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