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Friday, March 16, 2012

Soggy St. Paddy's Day

From the PDX National Weather Service (who should consider changing their name to the National Purveyors of Gloom and Doom):

Another Pacific Storm is coming late today and into early Saturday.  After enduring several strong Pacific storms already this week, another potent Pacific storm is on the horizon for SW Washington and NW Oregon later today into early Saturday.

There will likely be gusty winds later tonight and early Saturday.  The central and south Willamette Valley will likely see the strongest winds.  The exact track and strength of the low pressure system will determine how strong the winds will be and what areas are affected by stronger winds.  This could also result in cold easterly winds and snow in the Columbia River Gorge.  Snow levels will become quite low this weekend, at least into the Cascade Foothills and Coast Range Saturday and Sunday.  Snow could reach valley floors on Sunday and into Sunday night.  However, snow amounts should be light.

The unsettled and frequently cool weather pattern will likely continue through the weekend then warmer, but wet systems for next week bringing occasional windy conditions to the coast.

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