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Monday, December 5, 2011

Suspicious Contractors Contacting Elderly

Kelso, WA-Cowlitz County Sheriff Mark Nelson is warning citizens of several suspicious calls his office has responded to Monday morning involving suspicious men claiming to be contractors. In one case, jewelry was stolen.

Initially, Woodland Police responded to a report around 9:40 this morning of two men who came to a woman's door. When she opened the door, the male put his foot in the doorway and would not allow her to close the door. He claimed to have worked for her before. She claimed he was very pushy. Eventually, he and another male left in a later model silver 4dr car.
About an hour later, the Sheriff's Office received a similar call in the area of John St. in Lexington. The victim in this case, answered the door to a man who claimed to be a contractor. Another man asked her for some water, and when she allowed him in, he went to the bedroom and stole jewelry. Both men then left in a gray Buick.

Forty minutes later, an incident similar in nature occurred in northern Lexington. No entry was made to the residence and it is not believed anything was taken. The suspects in this case were unable to provide any identification or contractor license to the reporting party.
All three callers reported that there were 2 males, ranging in age from late 20s to 40-50 years old. The callers were a little unsure of the description as some believed the suspects were reportedly Hispanic and the other believed they were white. One had facial hair and was wearing a dark baseball cap, a gray jacket, a blue shirt and blue jeans, while the other one was reported to be wearing a red shirt and blue jeans. All stated that the two men were very pushy.

Sheriff Nelson cautions homeowners about opening their door to people unknown to them, and makes the following suggestions:
1. Don't open the door if you don't know the person, are alone, or have fears or concerns. It's okay to say "No", or to have them come back when someone you trust is there with you.
2. Don't allow someone in your home for water, to use the bathroom or telephone.
3. Ask to see identification and write down the information
4. Note the description of the person at the door, and any associated vehicles. Be ready to pass the information on to 911.
5. Call law enforcement immediately if you have concerns about who is at your door.

If anyone has information on any of these reports, please call Woodland Police at 360-225-8981 or the Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office at 360-577-3092, or Crime Stoppers at 360-577-1206.

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