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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Now THIS is what we're talking about!

Following yesterday's post about the East Coast Earthquake and my questions as to whether or not people are prepared at work, an intrepid subscriber emailed me what he keeps at work.

From his email:
Under my desk I have the following:
Stainless water bottle
1-pint water bottles (3)
Personal first aid pack
Leather gloves
Fire starting materials (jute string, fatwood, and cardboard)
Storm matches in waterproof container
LED headlamp w/ extra batteries
100 ft of paracord
Paramedic scissors
Pepper spray
Mini hack saw
Razor blade
Travel toilet paper roll and Kleenex
Folded sheet of aluminum foil
Emergency whistle
Emergency poncho (orange)
Dusk masks (8 – enough for friends?)
Emergency blanket (a.k.a. space blanket)
1 inch roll of Gorilla Tape
Compass on lanyard
P25 can opener
Leatherman multi-tool
Water purification tablets
Signal mirror
Electrical tape
Small screwdriver
Folding pocket knife
Credit-card sized survival tool
Small crow bar
Esbit fuel tablets

Work keeps anywhere from two to six 5-gal water bottles on hand at all times. So that will supplement my handful of water bottles if I need to shelter in place.

Something I need to keep at work or bring every day is a warm jacket, hat, and hiking boots. Even on days with moderately acceptable rain, I’m wearing a light coat, no hat, and dress shoes. No good, if I have to hoof it home 12 miles away.

This puts my little kit to shame! My advice today is to strive to be more like Andy. Andy is the MAN!

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