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Friday, January 7, 2011

Snow? Rain? Freezing Rain?

National Weather Service just finished briefing local jurisdictions on the forecast for the next few days. In a nutshell:

• Cold air will be taking over during the weekend.
• Potential for some low elevation snow (below 1,000’) Sat night/Sun morning. Very little accumulation expected.
• Significant moisture coming in Tuesday/Wednesday.
• Models are showing many different scenarios. Depending on where the temperatures collide with the moisture, it could create rain, snow, or freezing rain for Tuesday/Wednesday. It is looking fairly certain that there will be significant precipitation but the uncertainly is what kind of precipitation.

The models that NWS uses to forecast show two different scenarios – one would bring significant snow accumulation to valley floor and the other would include more of a rain/freezing rain event, depending on where Mother Nature draws the magic line. Regardless of which scenario plays out, it’s obvious that the forecast should be watched closely and given consideration for any plans next week.

Stay tuned....

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