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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Deluge - Be Prepared!

The National Weather Service is calling for wet weather for the weekend and into next week as the result of two weather systems heading towards Cowlitz County. Rivers are expected to be near or going over their banks as a result of these weather systems. This will potentially cause water over roads, trees to fall across roads, and slides to block roads. As a result Cowlitz County Emergency Management (DEM) is recommending that everyone be prepared for weather related emergencies with the following tips:

• Do not drive into standing water over roads or streets – it is extremely dangerous!
• Have a 72 hour supply of water and food in case you become stranded at home.
• Watch for downed trees and power lines – remember never touch a downed power line!
• Check the Cowlitz County Road Closure page for closed or impacted roads. This website is available on the DEM website located at: .
• Clean out the water drains around your home including removing tree leaves from street drains.
• If you live in an area that has experienced flooding in the past keep aware of the conditions in your area so you can evacuate if the water gets high.
• Keep tuned to local weather stations on your TV or radio for updated information.

Cowlitz County DEM will regularly put out updated information on our Blog located at: . Check the Blog often for new information. You can also received short updates by registering with Twitter to receive our tweets. You can do this by going to the text messaging section of your phone and typing the number 40404 in the place of a phone number then type “follow cowlitzdem” (without the quotation marks) in the text section. Disregard the message that you should sign up for your own Twitter account and you will be set to go.

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