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Friday, October 22, 2010

One, two, three -- Punch!

The following is summarized from the National Weather Service Special Weather Statements.   
The high pressure that has provided the area with mostly sunny skies will give way to a series of storm systems to affect Washington and Oregon this weekend.

The first system went through our area last night.  What?  You missed it.   Well, it was a weak system providing a typical Autumn rain.    Consider it as priming the pumps.

The second system will come through tonight and into Saturday morning. It will bring clouds and showers to the area and approximately 1/2" of rain in the valley.

The third system on the way for Saturday night and Sunday (pictured above) will be markedly more intense.    This system will bring high seas, high winds and dangerous surf conditions to the coast.    The mountains will have snow down to pass level, mainly between 4,000 and 5,000 feet.    For the valley, 1-2" of rain is expected Saturday night through Monday, gusty winds 30-40 mph and exasperated conditions due to tree leaves, clogged drains, etc. 

The message for this weekend is to be prepared for power outages, windy conditions and the potential for surface flooding from clogged drains.    Now would be the time to clean out gutters, put together a preparedness kit, and talk with family members about emergency plans.   Visit Cowlitz County DEM's Preparedness Page for more valuable information.

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