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Friday, August 13, 2010

DNR Warns of Increased Fire Danger


This weekend's high temperatures, low humidity and breezy conditions have prompted the state Department of Natural Resources to ask people to be extra careful with fire, tools and other activities when outdoors west of the Cascade Mountains.

Many Washington counties have fire hazard levels rated "high" to "extreme" this weekend due to dry weather and low moisture levels in grasses, trees and other vegetation. Under these conditions, one spark can lead to a catastrophic wildfire, according to DNR.

In an effort to reduce human-caused wildfires, the DNR issued a statewide burn ban on all DNR-protected lands, including all forestlands in Washington except for federal lands, from July 15 through Sept. 30. Recreational fires are allowed in approved fire pits at designated campgrounds, although some campgrounds may have additional burn restrictions in place.

Joe Shramek, manager of DNR's Resource Protection Division, said he's especially concerned about recreational campfires. In recent weeks, the DNR has responded to an unusually high number of unattended campfires that were not completely extinguished and not cool to the touch.

Check local conditions and restrictions by calling 1-800-323-BURN (2876) or visit

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